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Shungite Earrings Shungite Earrings Karelian Masters

Shungite Earrings

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Shungite Earrings 

  • EXCLUSIVE Shungite Earrings Summer Collection Polished
  • Size of shungite beads: 10 mm (0,4 in)
  • Material: regular shungite
  • Exclusive Bright and Stylish decoration.

About Shungite earrings

Shungite earrings have proven to influence our body and soul in a very positive way thanks to the healing and magical properties of shungite as a wonderful stone of life. Earrings made of shungite stones are known for balancing the physical state of the human body and stabilizing the energetic state of a person wearing. The powerful protective properties of shungite allow shungite earrings to accumulate positive energy and to block the negative one when encountered.

Apart from being attractive accessories and beautiful pieces of shungite jewelry shungite earrings provide a powerful shield against any harmful influences that could affect a human biofield and body. Due to their close location to human brain and bioactive spots the shungite earrings are capable of stimulating the efficiency of the whole body and all its systems resulting in relieved stress and increased productivity. Besides, accompanied with other shungite items the shungite earrings act as a significant part of a comprehensive personal protection.

An important note!!! Apart from it's healing and emf protecting properties, Shungite is a fragile and soft stone. Jewelry of shungite might leave dark traces on your skin and even on cloths.Please, be aware about that fact and choose the products for wearing with dark clothes or somehow "framed" by jewelry furniture, to avoid the direct contact.