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Three Types of Shungite

The source and origin of this classification is the amount of main element in shungite – carbon – in the stone’s composition. The higher the amount the nobler the stone is regarded to be. Yet that never means that the stones with low amount of carbon – so-called “regular shungite” – are of poor quality. No, just apart of carbon these shungite stones will include various other elements, which also enrich the powerful properties of shungite.

  • Type I – Elite (noble) shungite

Elite shungite is the rarest type of shungite which has up to 98% of carbon in its composition. It constitutes only one percent of all the shungite found in Karelia. Elite shungite is the easiest type of shungite to recognize and distinguish from others thanks to its silvery glance and surface. It is much more fragile than other shungite types, so it is never really processed and is sold in its natural raw shape. Because of that, you can often find infusions of other rocks and minerals in elite shungite nugget which were lying next to shungite in the ground for millennia. It is believed to be the most effective type of shungite when it comes to water purification, EMF shielding and restoration after injuries – it simply works faster than other types of shungite.

  • Type II – Petrovsky shungite

A transition type between elite and regular shungite, it takes the best of them both. Usually Petrovsky shungite has from 50 to 70% of carbon in its composition and is distinguished by its deep black color. The structure of this shungite actually allows it to be shaped and processed, so you can find a lot of jewelry, pendants, and figurines made of Petrovsky shungite, while the high amount of carbon makes it an effective healing and protection tool much stronger than regular shungite. That’s why it has the best of elite and regular shungite.

  • Type III – Regular shungite

The most common type of shungite, most of our products are made from it. And that is what it succeeds in the best – you can shape it into anything with some amount of skill (and we have plenty of that). Pyramids, spheres, cubesjewelryplates and tiles – we have it all and much, much more. Regular shungite has from 30 to 50% of carbon in it and its structure isn’t as fragile as other types can be. Usually, all products can come in two variations – polished and non-polished shungite, so there is a lot to choose from with regular shungite – shapes, sizes and different kinds. Products made of regular shungite are the go-to thing when you wish to enjoy daily personal healing and protection – you can simply put on your favorite stylish pendant (or any other type of jewelry) and feel well and safe all week long.

Tight choice, isn’t it? Well, we hope you will be able to shop around and find the one (or several) shungite product you like the most. Remember that all three types of shungite have the full spectrum of shungite’s powerful properties but elite shungite is more effective in applying the properties while regular shungite has a much larger array of various products. Purchase shungite now and bring the magical healing and protection of the North into your life.

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