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Stone therapy with shungite stones

Stone therapy is the treatment of diseases with stones. Adherents of stone therapy claim that the energy vibrations of our body can react to the energy and healing power of the stones.
The action of stones is continuous and has no side effects and overdoses. 

Stone therapy with shungite stones helps with:

 - Joint and spine disease
 - Insomnia, stress, headaches
 - Sharp mood swings phlebeurysm
- Muscle atrophy and osteomelitis

As a rule, in stonerapii, basalt is used, but when acquainted with schungite, the absolute majority of masters switch to schungite pellets. They, like basalt, retain heat for a long time, but at the same time they possess incomparably more useful properties.
The most correct and most effective stone massages are carried out in SPA-salons. But this does not mean that home procedures can harm or will be ineffective.

There are only 3 contraindications:

Pregnancy, skin diseases, and diseases in which any massage is prohibited, such as bruises, fractures, internal injuries. In general, any person can carry out procedures that generally will not be worse than salon SPA therapy.

A pleasant massage at your home at a convenient time!
The most simple and effective home session can be held at home, in the bathroom or in the bath.
In stone therapy, alternating hot and cold stones are used.
Alternation of hot and cold stones leads to narrowing of vessels and capillaries of the skin, muscle tone increases.

Preheat the stones to 40 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes. To do this, it is enough to lower them into the water, measuring the temperature with an ordinary children's thermometer for water. During the heating of the stones, apply aromatic oils to the skin.
A lavender, tangerine, chamomile, basil and our line of cosmetics based on shungite are suitable.
Usually, a session of stonerapia lasts from 25 minutes to 1.5 hours. 
The result is achieved after 8-10 sessions.

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