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Seeing results on Shungite Properties on a daily basis

It is possible to track results over time. We’ve developed a system that will allow you to notate each and every day how your body feels, and where changes are noticed.

By using your Shungite a few times daily, you will be able to log your changes subtle though they seem. Over the period of 6 months, you will know if Shungite is helping your body to thrive with life.

The reason you would want a health log is that you would be able to evaluate how your body reacts to Shungite properties. Notating your progress helps you understand how to use your Shungite in a constructive matter. This is key because not all metabolisms will react the same way to Shungite properties because of the different individual activities each person goes through everyday. For example a business man’s day is not the same as a mother of three kids who are under the age of five. So using the health log, you can best note your results and over time, you can track your body’s reaction to Shungite and change certain activities to possibly enhance the help Shungite can give you.

The discipline of using Shungite is really up to the individual, but how and when it’s used has an equal effect on your body and mind. It’s up to the individual to understand how best to use Shungite for their own benefit. We have given suggestions on how to maximize Shungite’s benefits. Here is a synopsis of only some of the ways.


If you meditate, using Shungite will help you focus. The more you meditate with Shungite, the more beneficial to your mind and technique it will become.

✅Slow Exercises

Slow Exercise is the key to focus, and creative thinking. When you use Shungite in things like Tia Chi, or any other discipline, the metaphysical properties of Shungite can bring a healing effect to your body and mind.


If you’re simply watching television and relaxing, you have the option of using Shungite as well while you relax. There are ways to effortlessly focus on your favorite show, while using Shungite to enhance your brain waves.

✅Daily Activity

From work to play, and from traveling to sitting at home, or doing household chores. Shungite can be used every day.

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