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Protect Your Children with the Power of Shungite

The dangers of the modern world hit us pretty hard and must gather all of our strength and use all outside help to stay healthy, sane and protected. And even if we try our best, it can still be challenging to cope with all the outside threats present today. However, we adults already have an advantage in our strong immune system and other protective barriers we earn through years which are the foundation of our struggle with negative influences around us. Our kids though don’t have this advantage yet and that makes them very much vulnerable.

        All the threats we hate revolve around us

First of all, there is a problem of electromagnetic fields (or EMF) and 5G  radiation. Just as we rely on our smartphones and laptops and tablets and whole other bunch of electronic devices every day, we can see that kids these days become more and more involved with them at a very young age. The whole generation Z was born in already digital world after all. And every last one of these devices emits dangerous EMF, while the latest 5G mobile networks emit millimeter waves (MMW), and both of them can harm our children heavily. Even though the influence of EMF is invisible and unrecognizable in the moment, the long-term effects of their exposure can be truly devastating, including terrible diseases as heavy as cancer. That is why we need to protect our children, who have no other means to defend themselves from EMF.

Another crucial problem which modern kids are subjected to is everyday stress, anxiety and fatigue and a lot of these have to do with their school life. Modern society demands much more from graduates and that is why school education is extremely more complicated than it used to be and the overwhelming amount of knowledge that is poured onto the heads of young kids can be too much. Also, to get the most of our children we usually wish that they take part in a number of extracurricular activities, sports, creative hobbies, maybe even part-time jobs, all of which drain their power and energy, which sometimes cannot be fully replenished without extra outside help. Add to this possible bullying at school, insecurity connected to low self-esteem, the stress of puberty and dealing with the opposite sex and we have a recipe for future depression, anxiety, irrational fears and other mental health problems. Because of that, another need emerges: the need for grounding, influx of positive energy and stress relief.

Shungite is modern-day superhero

The solution for these growing demands of the modern world is just the thing we, as adults, use for our everyday comprehensive healing and protection. Shungite helps us in so many ways, so why not turn its powerful properties in the direction of our kids, who we care about more than anything else.

Keep EMF away

Thanks to its unique fullerene structure shungite is able to shield our children from a substantial amount of EMF and 5G radiation. So if you wish to protect your kids from this and other negative influences and unwanted energies when they are at home, you can place different shungite items around your household. You can use simple shungite stones, both elite (which is more effective) and regular one, or a number of shungite decorative items, like shungite pyramids, cubes, spheres, figures, etc.

Each of them has other unique properties as well, for example, shungite pyramid is able to gather and store energy thanks to its large base and give it back to you when needed through its tip, while shungite cube is very effective in protection because it spreads shungite power in all directions at once with its walls. The placing of shungite also holds great meaning: if you place shungite in your living room it will help your children relax and calm down after a busy day, and if you place it in a nursery it will protect your children’s sleep and save them from nightmares.

If you look for a means to protect your children from the dangerous EMF that is emitted by their everyday gadgets, you can always use shungite phone stickers, which successfully diminish the amount of EMF and 5G radiation without actually interfering with the work of said gadgets. You will always be able to reach your kids and they will be protected in turn.

Battle stress and inner demons 

Another property of shungite which can greatly aid your kids is its connection to the Earth and its ability to stimulate Root Chakra. Through that, shungite can attract flows of positive energy and balance energy inside of your kids, so that they have a positive attitude and healthy mood. That can be achieved in number of ways, yet the most efficient one is to have shungite by their side at all given time. The most obvious solution is to have them carry a shungite Stone around in their pockets or a bag, which we often do, but that can usually be uncomfortable for very active lifestyle kids usually have. But don’t be afraid, a large array of shungite goods can always offer something else.

Case and point: Shungite jewelry. In a large selection of shungite bracelet, necklaces, pendants, earrings you can always find some item that will suit your kid’s age and sex. These jewelry items will not only give your children a boost of positive energy but will also protect them from negative energy and other harmful influences. And don’t be afraid that our selection of shungite jewelry is too big in size for children: our masters will handcraft the same item of necessary size by your demand.

 Give’em health

Shungite is strong in the plane of physical healing just as well as in metaphysical one. Shungite is filled with a plethora of positive elements like calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc., so it can positively influence your kids’ health, especially skin, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems. And maintaining health with shungite is all too easy. All you have to do is to make Shungite water with shungite water stones and give it to your children every day. Children, however, can be too sensitive to an overwhelming power of shungite healing, so it is better to make a week long breaks every two weeks. Simply put 150-200 grams of regular shungite stones (0,33-0,44 lbs.) or 50-70 grams of elite shungite stones in a reservoir of drinking water and leave it for 6 hours. It will be ready to use after that, cleansed, filtered and energized. 

Shungite can be a very effective protector of your kids and keep their general state in check. Don’t forget, that it also has very beautiful dark black look, so shungite items will never feel out of place, whether it is shungite decorative items at your home, shungite stones or shungite jewelry. Purchase shungite products and make sure that your children are safe!

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