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Cleanse Crystals with Shungite

Do you know that it is important not only to charge your crystals but also to cleanse the negative energies they absorb while they work? Each crystal has its purpose and, like people, needs rest and recharge from time to time. You may notice your crystal feeling heavy or dull, or you can also intuitively get a message that it needs some refreshing. For example, after stress or during times of illness, crystals can serve best if they are cleansed before being put back to work. There are several ways to cleanse the crystal. 

Moonlight or sunlight

They will fill your crystals with positive and clear energy.     

For the moonlight charging, the best time is during a full moon. The strong full moon energy actually lasts for three days, it's ok if you miss the actual day of a full moon. You can catch those moonlight rays on the day before, day of, and day after a full moon.

Many crystals could be really well charged and cleansed in the sun, especially ones that are red, orange, or yellow. You can put them out in the sun for a few hours for cleansing and recharge. However, there are some crystals that will fade in sunlight or change color. Typically these are the pigmented crystals.


Crystals are formed within the flesh of our Earth. That is why Earth energy could recharge crystals, make them extremely powerful and cleanse very efficiently, releasing the negative energies. Bury the stones into the earth for 6+ hours in order to energize and ground them. Especially this method is very useful for dark crystals that are energized with Earth energy.

Super Power Crystals

 There are some crystals that actually can be used to clear other stones. Selenite, quartz, amethyst as well as shungite are among these rare treasures. Shungite is one of the most powerful stones among the mentioned. It is also called the stone of life or a healing mineral due to its multiple healing, curative, and protective properties that go back far more than several generations. Some experts claim that the mineral is approximately 2 billion years old and it starts its existence long before life existed on Earth.

Shungite has a great ability to cleanse, recharge, and purify the energy of other crystals, without losing its own energy. One more significant factor is that it is possible to combine shungite with any crystals. So as to cleanse your crystals with shungite, you can add the stones to the bag where you store your stones.

One more way to cleanse and charge your crystals is to use special shungite points. Shungite points cumulate positive energy and can also direct and transmit it to the necessary objects due to its special form. So as to cleanse and recharge your crystals lay them out in a special geometric form around the shungite point and left the grid for 6+ hours.

 It is also important to remember that intention plays a great role in crystals charging and cleansing. Crystals are neutral, they cannot judge the situation as good or bad, so it is up to you and your own intention, how you would like to program your crystals.


Water is one of the most spread and prescribed methods of crystal cleaning. Clean, fresh water is able to absorb any negative energy, while shungite can significantly increase its efficiency. 

  1. Visualize the water washing over the crystal taking away any disruptions to its natural state.
  2. Hold the crystal under water. Shungite could extremely increase the water cleansing power and also enable it to recharge your crystals.

So as to make shungite water infuse 150-200 grams of regular shungite (30-50% of carbon) or 50-70 elite shungite (up to 98% of carbon) per one liter of tap or initially filtrated water. Leave your crystals in shungite water for 6+ hours so as to effectively cleanse and charge them.

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